But innovation would mean nothing without increasing the quality of the wine in bottle. Also, all the details have been carefully updated to achieve the targets.

Protecting the wine from oxidation during the bottling is our priority. Also with different technics such as nitrogen sparging or the NomaLine, we have reduced dramatically the oxygen dissolve in the bottle. As a result, our wines now stay fresher and this for a longer period.

All quality controls are also in place to assure a smooth and efficient production.

750ml bottling line

Launch in 2017, our 750ml bottling line has all the newest technologies involved. 


Versatile, it is adapted to the format 375ml, 750ml and 1000ml bottle. We can use in glass bottles or PET, with screwcap closure or cork. The bottling line is designed to produce up to 12 500 bottles per hour. With is a fully automatic system, we only have 3 peoples managing the all production.